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Badges and Tokens

A collection I began in 2007. Badges and tokens. Some of the designs become ornaments also. In his studio, Rhett fabricates from flat stock metal cases and polycarbonate lenses for my prints. Sometimes we encase original pieces of artwork in copper cases as pendants, peep fobs. Mainly what you see here are prints of my original artwork. The original is crafted in an "old-fashioned" manner. With my hands. No Photoshop. Images from my vintage ephemera collection, photographs I take of my statues collection, beading, embroidery, typed words on yellowed Big Chief tablet , scraps of paper from my 1939 Royal manual typewriter, shreds of wallpaper from a past era, all come together on my worktable with my hands, a needle, thread, and a pair of scissors. This tangible piece of artwork is then printed and encased.

With this all encompassing collection are themed mini collections. One I call Badges of Peregrination. As a pilgrim wandering thought life on Mother Earth, it is comforting to have a token. Another mini collection is spiritual tokens of a sort.

Three sizes are offered. Charms are 7/8" across. Tags (a.k.a. badges) are 1 3/4" across. ornaments are 2 3/4" across.

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