Diddy Wa Diddy


Why is Kelly creating bookmarks? Doesn't she know that the art of reading and holding a tome in one's hands is out of fashion. This is not what she believes. Kelly believes that although the reader may be an endangered sort, that there is hope for survival. By offering these off beat limited edition bookmarks based on vintage postcard imagery and ephemera and her own artwork, Kelly hopes to encourage the art of reading, pondering, and self education. The art of taking a deep breath and stepping off the tilt-a-whirl ride of day to day busyness and sauntering into microcosms created for us by writers and illustrators for a period of time (preferable on a daily basis). The gift of a bookmark whether to another person or to oneself signifies that we value the art form of reading. The act of physically holding a piece of art in the shape of a book in one's hands to be savored page by page.

7 ¼" x 2 ¼", glass beads, and Read charm. Laminated print of mixed media collage of images from my vintage ephemera collection and snippits of words from old novels re-assembled into new stories. These images and words are hand-stitched, embroidered, glued, and sometimes beaded on a painted leather or fabric background. A strand of glass beads with ¾" charm dangles from bookmark. Rhett Johnson fabricated the hand-formed steel case for the charm and polycarbonate lens when encases the print of Read collage.

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Diddy Wa Diddy