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Muñecos Santos

I am deeply inspired by artistic depictions of the Virgin Mary and the Catholic Saints, and especially by historic paintings, which are rich with meaning and esoteric symbolism.

As I developed a fascination with hagiography (biographies of the Saints), I was moved to use these inspirations to reintroduce the stories of their lives throughout the ages. I want to modernize their jobs - to present them from perspectives that will stir the interest and imagination of contemporary viewers.

It gladdens me to use my talents to honor the Blessed Mother, portraying her image and her messages in ways that will both humanize and venerate Her. The goal of my work as I create these Muñecos Santos is to move the viewer/reader to pause in meditaton and reflect on the Saints in a new light - not just as aesthetic images to be appreciated - but as Holy Ones whose teachings and example continue to bless our lives.

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All Muñecos Santos photos by E. G. Schempf

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