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My Studio

My sanctuary. My studio. An evolution of spaces over the years. This is my current habitat. A space on the second floor with floor to ceiling windows on west wall. From my worktable I can exercise my eyes from focusing on miniscule glass beads to majolica colored sunsets and storms as they roll in across the hills. (And yes, from this vantage point we have watched tornadoes.) Sharing my habitat is an ever growing tribe of resurrected loveys. Wayward sock monkeys. Crocheted bottle poodles. To name a few of the species. Artwork created by friends, antiques, shelves bulging with research books, and vintage textiles from around the world , all envelope me whispering inspirational thoughts.

I do not take this studio, this sanctuary for granted. To have a space to call your own in which to create without critical eyes peering over your shoulder is grand. And yet, even if this space were to disappear, I would still create. The passion to express and share my thoughts and views comes from within. To the kitchen table I would return. Hopefully this space, built with our own hands, will continue to be my refuge from the 'tilt-a-whirl' ride of everyday life in the 'real world' for many years to come.

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